Anduzzi’s Black Friday Deals!

November 17, 2016 0

Are you a Black Friday fan? Do you love getting your hands on some great deals? Well, Anduzzi’s Sports Club has decided to get in on the fun! This year we will be offering a Black Friday special that you don’t want to miss! Whether you like getting up early or grabbing the deals later in the day, we’ve got something for both crowds!

byoburger bloodymary

We will be offering $5 BURGERS and $3 BLOODY MARYS from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Black Friday! For those early risers, this is the perfect way to end your shopping spree, and for those late risers, this is the perfect way to start yours.  Finally, for you non-shoppers, it’s the perfect way to spend more time with family and friends after Thanksgiving!

Don’t forget to mark Anduzzi’s down as one of your stops for Black Friday. This awesome deal can be found at all 4 of our locations!